What Parents need to know about their Kids & Vaping

That picture is disturbing, isn’t it? As a parent, it seems like there’s always something lurking around the corner to threaten our kids’ wellbeing. Kidnappers, devices, Covid, now vaping…or is it just me? I’m not even a high anxiety person so I can only imagine many others are feeling even more concerned than I am about this new epidemic. As a high school teacher, I interact daily with teens and the teen world so feel I have some information of value to share with you. Vaping has absolutely exploded over the past few years. It’s devastating to think about all … Continue reading What Parents need to know about their Kids & Vaping

How to teach a backbend safely

Any parent who has ever asked me how they can help their child learn a backbend at home has always done so nervously. “I’m scared she’ll hurt herself. I tell her to wait until class, but she won’t. Is there something I can do to help, because I can’t hold her back!?”. Sure, there is a lot you can do to help a child learn safely. Continue reading How to teach a backbend safely

10 Steps to Simpler Health

Taking steps to improve your health need not be complicated. A couple of swaps, a new habit, a new skill and simplify, simplify, simplify are all at the heart of these 9 steps to simpler health.

1.Drink a glass of water with fresh lemon daily

2.Eat Whole Foods

3.Switch your bath product

4.Switch your cleaning products

5.Get a better night’s sleep

6.Plant some herbs

7. Take a Walk

8.Hug a family member or friend

9.Exchange a massage

10.Drink more water

Continue reading “10 Steps to Simpler Health”

A dancer’s body should look like…..

A dancers body should look like a human body! Dance is a risky area for the development of self-image issues. However, this means that there is an opportunity for dance coaches out there, to make a difference and influence development of a healthy body image. Through my studies I was fortunate to learn about effective ways to instruct pupils, so that they developed a healthy self-image as well as their sporting skills. Unfortunately I have not seen this trickle down to grass roots coaching (well, not systematically through coaching courses and the like), but hope that it will soon be … Continue reading A dancer’s body should look like…..