Ticking off a bucket list item

I’ve always wanted to write a blog, just to see what all the fuss is about, really. It’s on my bucket list – yes I have one, do you?

i highly recommend making one, as a way to help you achieve your goals and see all your achievements. My bucket list has some big items, like having children (tick!), investing in property and some smaller, not-such-a-big-deal, no-need-to-have-a-deep-reason ones, like having my own vegie garden (I’ve kept it alive for two whole years, yay for me!)

From my observation, bloggers tend to be really niche on what they write about. I’m a jack of many trades, master of none, so this joint is gonna be all over the place. Who cares? I hope you don’t.

My interests and passions include health (I was into interval training and cooking from scratch way before they were called HIIT and ‘clean eating’), health literacy, education, child development, positive body image, reading real books, small business, idea generation, sport dance and more.

I’m currently progressing 2 other bucket list items and I’ll share more about them when it’s worth it!

in the meantime if there’s anything you think I should write about, drop me a line! And tell me what’s on your bucket list!


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